I list below available databases that could be useful for researchers working on international trade and corporate income taxes.

Activity of Multinational Enterprises Database (OECD)

Analytical Database on Individual Multinationals and Affiliates (OECD)

Audit Analytics


Balanced Trade in Services Dataset (OECD and WTO)

Brazilian Monthly Employment Survey (IBGE)

Canadian Labor Force Survey (Statistics Canada)

Country-by-Country Reporting data (OECD)

Competitiveness Database (CompNet)

Compustat North America/Global (S&P Global Market Intelligence)

Comtrade Database (UN)
CongressData (Grossman, Lucas, McCrain, and Ostrander)

Content of Deep Trade Agreements Database (World Bank)

Controlled Foreign Company Rules Database (OECD)

Coordinated Direct Investment Survey (IMF)

Corporate Tax Haven Index (Tax Justice Network)

Corporate tax rates tables (European Commission, KPMG, OECD, Tax Foundation)

Corpwatch API

Design of Trade Agreements Database

Dispute Settlement and Case Law Project (WTO)

Diverse French data (French Government)

Domestic and International Common Language Database (Gurevich, Herman, Toubal, and Yotov)

Electronic Database of Investment Treaties (World Trade Institute)

Encuesta Nacional de Empleo (Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas Chile)

Eora Global Supply Chain Database (KGM & Associates)

ExecuComp (S&P Global Market Intelligence)

Exporter Dynamics Database (World Bank)

European Union Labor Force Survey (Eurostat)

Financial Secrecy Index Database (Tax Justice Network)

FinFlows Dataset (ECFIN - JRC)

Foreign AffiliaTes Statistics (Eurostat)

Foreign Direct Investments of Korean Firms (Korean Exporting Import Bank)


Global Preferential Trade Agreements Database (WITS)

Global Revenue Statistics Database (OECD)

Global Sanctions Database (Felbermayr, Khirilakha, Syropoulos, Yalcin, and Yotov)

Global Tax Expenditures Database (Council on Economic Policies and German Development Institute)

Global Value Chain Database (UNCTAD-Eora)
Income Inequality Database (Ranaldi and Milanovic)

International Labor Force database (IPUMS)

International Trade and Production Database for Estimation (Borchert, Larch, Shikher, and Yotov)

Labor Force Statistics (CPS, US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

LobbyFacts [EU] & LobbyView [US]

Macrohistory Database (Jordà, Schularick, and Taylor)

Manufacturing Industry Database (NBER-CES)

Market Access Map (ITC)

Market Potentials (CEPII)

Multilateral Price Levels and Currency Misalignments (CEPII)

Multinational Production Data (Ramondo, Rodriguez-Clare, and Tintelnot)

Multinational Production Data (Alviarez)

M&A database (Refinitiv/Thomson Reuters)

Offshore Leaks Database (ICIJ)

Open Data for Tax Justice (Tax Justice Network)



Orbis (Bureau Van Dijk)

Patent Data Project (NBER)

Pandemic-Era Trade Policies in Food and Medical Products (Global Trade Alert)

Phantom and Real FDI (Damgaard, Elkjaer, and Johannesen)
Political Parties, Presidents, Elections, and Governments (PPEG) Database (WZB Berlin Social Science Center)

Polity V Database (CSP/INSCR)

Product Level Trade Estimated Elasticities (CEPII)

Regional Trade Agreements Database (Larch)

Related Party Database (US Census)

R&D tax incentives (Bösenberg and Egger)

Services Trade Restrictiveness Index Regulatory Database (OECD)

Sozio-oekonomisches Panel (DIW Berlin)

Socio-economic Database for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEDLAS)

Tax Introduction Database (Seelkopf, Bubek, Eihmanis, Ganderson, Limberg, Mnaili, Zuluaga, and Genschel)

Tax Treaties Explorer (International Centre for Tax and Development)

Temporary Trade Barriers Database (World Bank)

Trade Cost Database (UNESCAP - World Bank)

Trade in Value Added Database (OECD)



Union Membership and Coverage Database (Hirsch and Macpherson)

US Direct Investment Abroad Database (BEA)
US International Trade Data (US Census Bureau)

V-Party Dataset (V-Dem Institute)

World Bank Enterprise Surveys (World Bank)

World Input-Output Database (European Commission)