This page gathers resources for those working on (or simply interested in) corporate tax avoidance and profit shifting. It includes over 160 databases, along with some material on data analysis and visualization.

Databases in black are freely available, or “almost” freely available.
Those in orange are more difficult to have access to, due to high prices, restrictions, etc.


Activity of Multinational Enterprises Database (OECD)
Amadeus (Bureau Van Dijk)
American Stories dataset (Dell)

Analytical Database on Individual Multinationals and Affiliates (OECD)
Atlas of Economic Complexity (Harvard Growth Lab)

Audit Analytics

Audit reports (US Federal Audit Clearinghouse)


Balanced Trade in Services Dataset (OECD and WTO)

BEPS MLI Matching Database (OECD)
Bilateral Financial Secrecy Index (Tax Justice Network)
Bilateral profit shifting flows/Missing profits (Tørsløv, Wier, and Zucman)
Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey (EBRD)

Business Formation Statistics (US Census Bureau)

CbCR Company Database Explorer (EU Tax Observatory)
CbCR Explorer (EU Tax Observatory)
CBT Tax Database (Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation)
Center for International Data (UC Davis)

ComExt Intra- & Extra-European trade database (Eurostat)

Company Data (Refinitiv)

Comparative Political Data Set (Armingeon, Engler, and Leemann)

Competitiveness Database (CompNet)

Compustat North America/Global (S&P Global Market Intelligence)

Comtrade Database (UN)
CongressData (Grossman, Lucas, McCrain, and Ostrander) API
Consolidated and locational banking statistics (BIS)

Content of Deep Trade Agreements Database (World Bank)

Controlled Foreign Company Rules Database (OECD)

Coordinated Direct Investment Survey (IMF)

Corporate Tax Haven Index (Tax Justice Network)

Corporate tax rates (European Commission)
Corporate tax rates (KPMG)
Corporate tax rates (OECD)
Corporate tax rates (Tax Foundation)

Corporate Tax Tracker (Transparency International EU)

Corpwatch API
Corruption Perceptions Index (Transparency International)
Country-by-Country Report Statistics Explorer (EU Tax Observatory)
Country-by-Country Reporting data (OECD)
Country codes (World Data)
County Business Patterns Database (Eckert, Fort, Schott, and Yang)

Database on Ideology, Money in Politics, and Elections  (Bonica)

Design of Trade Agreements Database

Dispute Settlement and Case Law Project (WTO)

Diverse French data (French Government)

Domestic and International Common Language Database (Gurevich, Herman, Toubal, and Yotov)
Déclarations Annuelles de Données Sociales (INSEE)

Economics & Business Data Center (LMU Munich and ifo Institute)

Economics Observatory Data Hub
Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system (SEC)

Electronic Database of Investment Treaties (World Trade Institute)
Enquête LIaisons FInancières entre sociétés (INSEE)

Eora Global Supply Chain Database (KGM & Associates)

Eurobarometer (European Union)

ExecuComp (S&P Global Market Intelligence)

Executive compensation 1936-2005 (Frydman and Saks)

Exporter Dynamics Database (World Bank)

European Union Labor Force Survey (Eurostat)

Financial Secrecy Index Database (Tax Justice Network)

FinFlows Dataset (ECFIN - JRC)

Fiscal Decentralisation Database (OECD)

Foreign Affiliates Statistics (Eurostat)

Foreign Direct Investments of Korean Firms (Korean Exporting Import Bank)
Form 5500 Datasets (Employee Benefits Security Administration)
Gabors Data Analysis repository (Békés and Kézdi)


Global Capital Allocation Project (Maggiori, Neiman, Schreger)

Global Offshore Wealth (EU Tax Observatory)

Global Preferential Trade Agreements Database (WITS)

Global Repository of Income Dynamics (Guvenen, Pistaferri, and Violante)

Global Revenue Statistics Database (OECD)

Global Sanctions Database (Felbermayr, Khirilakha, Syropoulos, Yalcin, and Yotov)

Global Tax Expenditures Database (Council on Economic Policies and German Development Institute)
Global Trade Analysis Project databases (GTAP)

Global Value Chain Database (UNCTAD-Eora)
Government Revenue Dataset (UNU-WIDER)
Historical Financial Research Data (Yale)
Income Inequality Database (Ranaldi and Milanovic)
Informal Sector Enterprise Surveys (World Bank)
Intellectual Property Statistics (WIPO)
International Capital Flows database by sector (Avdjiev, Hardy, Kalemli-Ozcan, and Servén)

International Labor Force database (IPUMS)

International Tax Competitiveness Index (Tax Foundation)

International Trade and Production Database for Estimation (Borchert, Larch, Shikher, and Yotov)
International Trade Data (Schott)
Investment Map (ITC)

Labor Force Statistics (CPS, US Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Labour Force Surveys (ILO)

LobbyFacts [EU]
LobbyView [US]

Long-term Productivity Database (Bergeaud, Cette, Lecat)

Macrohistory Database (Jordà, Schularick, and Taylor)

Manufacturing Industry Database (NBER-CES)

Market Access Map (ITC)

Market Potentials (CEPII)
Markup data (De Loecker)

MergerCite (Málek)
MiDi Mikrodatenbank Direktinvestitionen (Bundesbank)
MultiLateral Investment Matching Database (OECD)

Multilateral Price Levels and Currency Misalignments (CEPII)

Multinational Production Data (Ramondo, Rodriguez-Clare, and Tintelnot)

Multinational Production Data (Alviarez)

M&A database (Refinitiv/Thomson Reuters)

National Agricultural Statistics Service (USDA)

Offshore Leaks Database (ICIJ)
Old World Trade Routes Project (Ciolek)

Open Data for Tax Justice (Tax Justice Network)




Orbis (Bureau Van Dijk)
Our World in Data

Patent Data Project (NBER)

Pandemic-Era Trade Policies in Food and Medical Products (Global Trade Alert)

Phantom and Real FDI (Damgaard, Elkjaer, and Johannesen)
Political Parties, Presidents, Elections, and Governments Database (WZB Berlin Social Science Center)

Polity V Database (CSP/INSCR)

Product Level Trade Estimated Elasticities (CEPII)
Quadros de Pessoal (Instituto Nacional de Estatística)
Quality of Government data (University of Gothenburg)
Realtime Inequality (Blanchet, Saez, and Zucman)

Regional Trade Agreements Database (Larch)

Related Party Database (US Census Bureau)

RICardo Project on trade between nations from 1800 to 1938 (Dedinger and Girard, Sciences Po)

R&D tax incentives (Bösenberg and Egger)

Services Trade Restrictiveness Index Regulatory Database (OECD)

Social Data Science Hub (University of Edinburgh)

Socio-economic Database for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEDLAS)

Sozio-oekonomisches Panel (DIW Berlin)
SOUTHMOD Simulating tax and benefit policies for development (UNU-WIDER)
Standardized World Income Inequality Database (Solt)

Stanford Big-Data Initiative in International Macro-Finance
Structural Gravity Database (WTO)
Tariff Bindings Database (WTO)
Tax Deficit Simulator (EU Tax Observatory)

Tax Introduction Database (Seelkopf, Bubek, Eihmanis, Ganderson, Limberg, Mnaili, Zuluaga, and Genschel)
Tax Map of Digital Financial Services (ICTD)
Tax rates (Vegh and Vuletin)

Tax Treaties Explorer (International Centre for Tax and Development)

Temporary Trade Barriers Database (World Bank)

Trade Cost Database (UNESCAP - World Bank)

Trade in Value Added Database (OECD)
Trade Map (ITC)
Trade maps (WTO)
Trade Related Illicit Financial Flows (Global Finance Integrity)

TradeProd (CEPII)

TradHist (CEPII)

Transfer pricing rules and practices in Latin American and Caribbean countries [CIAT] (Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations)
Understanding Economics (Stantcheva)

Union Membership and Coverage Database (Hirsch and Macpherson)

US Direct Investment Abroad Database (BEA)

US MNEs Country-by-Country Reports (IRS)
US International Trade Data (US Census Bureau)

V-Party Dataset (V-Dem Institute)

WageIndicator (Global Labor Organization)

World Bank Enterprise Surveys (World Bank)
World Income Inequality Database (UNU-WIDER)

World Inequality Database (World Inequality Lab)

World Input-Output Database (European Commission)
World Management Survey (CEP)
World Scope (Refinitiv)
World Tax Database (Michigan University)
World Tax Indicators (Georgia State University)
World Values Surveys
Zephyr M&A Database (Bureau Van Dijk)